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Bettina Yoga offers a variety of yoga, Reiki, and community events.  Below you'll find a list of previous events - this page is currently not being added to.  Be sure to check out the Upcoming Events page, or the Homepage for current offerings.

Sound Bath - August 2016

August 12, 2016

sound bath cropped Engage and Renew with the Healing Energy of Sound Bath

An August evening exploring how sound of the crystal bowls can offer spiritual advancement, soothe the physical and emotional body, raise our consciousness, break up stuck energy and harmonize everything within.

For Sound Bath sessions people bring pillows, blankets, sleeping bags/comforter, yoga mats, eye pillows, water, comfortable clothing, and socks to enhance their experience.

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People are saying...

"Thank you for the wonderful classes and Reiki that put me into such a great place. I am in humble gratitude for your teachings, energy and love, I feel blessed to have been in your presence . You are a divine holy being."

Nancy, Hyannisport