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Fashion Frenzy 5 Thank You

fashion frenzy 15 photo croppedDear Community,
Many heartfelt thanks to ALL who contributed to Fashion Frenzy, 2016.

This event brings a lot of awareness around clothing. Every year, for a short period of time, I wonder if there could be more in our closets to donate. This year, We reached deeper into our neighborhoods to share the importance of this offering that The Unitarian Church of Barnstable provides to the Cape community.

Six years ago, friends gathered to enjoy a recycle party. I had accumulated 90% of my parents belongings after they passed and by receiving these gifts, it awakened me to what I already accumulated in my own life.

The first recycle party - an intimate gathering - allowed a group of people to exchange anything we no longer desired in hopes that what were our treasures would find a new home that evening. At that time, I had never seen so many bags of clothing.

The clothing remaining after the recycle party were the springboard for the creation of Fashion Frenzy.

This year's fundraiser was an enormous success because of your participation. The remaining clothing was donated to local organizations including the Epilepsy Foundation.

Your efforts raised $2,700.00 for the Unitarian church in the village of Barnstable.

Grateful heart,

People are saying...

"Thank you for introducing [me to] the wonderful world of yoga, which…has heightened and enhanced my spiritual awareness in so many beautiful ways. You are a very special soul and I feel blessed to have met you on my journey to becoming the best that I can be"

Gen, Hyannis, MA