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Class Descriptions

Chair Yoga:
For anyone who has ever hesitated to try yoga because of the challenge of the standing poses, or getting up from, and down to the floor. We accommodate every person, beginner to advanced,  as each pose is presented with variations that work for multiple levels of flexibility and strength. The class includes breath work, meditation, stretching, strengthening and a lot of fun – all while sitting on a chair!

Community Yoga:
The community class is for yoga students of all levels and includes a wide range of yoga poses, breath awareness, alignments, relaxation and meditation. Class is discounted to $10.00.

Gentle Yoga:
This soothing gentle class focuses on exploring basic yoga poses and how to connect them together. Gentle Yoga emphasizes self-awareness, focus on the breath, and moving the body softly without tension. Immerse yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a slower pace - allowing ample time to enjoy each pose. Expect lots of stretching & lingering. Gentle Yoga is beneficial for all levels of practice and abilities.

Gentle Movement with Meditation:
This class combines warm-ups, gentle and restorative postures, yogic breathing and guided, deep relaxation to reduce stress and increase movement and vitality. After class you’ll leave refreshed, revitalized, and energized.

Hatha Yoga:
Hatha Yoga corrects our imbalances and unites the body, mind, and true self. Through the continued practice of yoga poses, you will gain flexibility and strength, relieve tension and stress and become more centered and aware of your complete being.

Meditate, Reiki, Relax:
An adventure into your inner self. Sacred time and space will be cultivated to develop and/or enhance a mediation practice. Experience 45 minutes of silent practice time with an opportunity to receive Reiki. Meditation has no side effects and it shows promise for relief of a wide range of societal and health issues. This class will help one find respite in a hectic world.

Moderate Hatha Yoga:
Moderate Hatha is a class for those with a little more experience. More dynamic poses are offered, with longer holdings and some flowing sequencing.

People are saying...

"Bettina tailors a class around who she has in attendance so well, it's remarkable. I experienced a fantastic workout and Bettina's offerings left me feeling stronger yet more relaxed."
Al Lind, Pilates Instructor